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Charubala & Durgapada Charitable Trust, a completely voluntary organization by nature, involved with the service to humanity started its march from a far-off village, Rameswarpur (under Post office Jagatballavpur, District Howrah, Pin Code 711410) on the 28th April, 2010. Today, as it appears, the trust has become a faithful name to serve for the poor and distressed people of the locality. It was as far as 1999, village Rameswarpur and the adjacent area was no more than a mere hamlet. The rural Jagatballavpur Hospital was the only opportunity available for any sort of medical assistance. Beyond it, medical environment was too restricted to the villagers. The situation beggared description particularly in case of any ocular diseases. The affected people in the rural areas had nowhere to go, no one to depend on for finding out the proper solutions. Lack of education, sophistication was a significant contributing factor. People because of their rusticity, dared not think of going to city Kolkata for better treatment. Further in those days the cost of treatment mattered so much. What should they do? They would fall upon the shrine of God, prayed but it neither cured them up nor solved the crisis. This hopeless predicament of poor patients attracted the kind attention of one 50 year old sad, patient observer. To recall his name with great veneration - Astam Ch. Sadhukhan. Moved Immensely, Mr Astam Sadhukhan felt he must do something to alleviate the suffering. But he finds himself too miniature to carry this human responsibility. Not dejected however, he confided his thought to his dear younger brother Mr. Prafulla Sadhukhan. Years passed and in 2009, suddenly Astambabu breathed his last. But the great soul left the legacy of great humanitarian thought which refused to die. Prafulla babu reopened it. Astam Ch. Sadhukhan was bachelor till his death. Upon his death, his brother, Prafulla, decided to present their home to realize Astambabu's dream. He discussed the dream with his two dear friends, Mr Dulal Ch. Sasmal and Mr. Bibekananda Paul. As a result Durgapada Charitable Trust was formed and in 2010 it was duly registered. The Durgapada Charitable Trust started performing its task by instituting eye camps for general in 2011. As the first eye camp succeeded, the trust doubled its initiative and conducted two such camps in the next year.
New Thought : Though the camps were well received by the villagers, a crisis was felt. The Trust noted carefully that because of the lack of consciousness, the rustic people (patients) could not properly take care of their eyes following the post medication guidelines which resulted in further complications and questioned the effectivity of the treatment offered under the management of the Trust. After rounds of discussion, the Trust felt that it must provide a complete eye treatment instead of merely arranging eye camps. In 2013 the Trust offered to facilitate the patients with other benefits. The management thought upon extending its medical assistance in a broader and comprehensive way and finally in 2013 ocular surgery in case of emergency was implemented. The revised arrangement was necessarily acknowledged and people with difficulties in their vision started thronging. The services that the Trust offered bore its name high.
The Trust made necessary arrangements of an Eye specialist for providing medical help to poor rustic patients at least two days in a week. But compared to the increasing demand of the patients, Durga Ason (Durga’s home) appeared too small. Further the Trust has managed to promote Homeopathic assistance for three days in a week and it resulted in a great rush of patients. The Trust fell on an aspiring thought of building a permanent and multi facility eye institute. Mr. Prafulla Kumar Das came forward to donate his10 katthas of land for that noble purpose. The gift certainly celebrated the beginning of a new era. Since 2015 therefore , construction of a three storied building with the purpose of intensive eye care has been under progress. Two eye camps with the assistance of M. P. Birla Eye Clinic are being successfully conducted each year from this site. The Trustee Board that had been operating since inception needed reformations as the functions of the trust differed and became heavy with the time. Besides, some of its senior members because of their burden of age opted for keeping aside themselves. In the revised Trusty Board along with P.K Das, Bibekananda Paul, Dulal Chandra Sasmal two sons of P.K Das and some other young enthusiastic donors were included. The new Trustee members insisted upon making each monetary donation or contribution towards these Noble Institution tax free and it resulted in altering the name of the trust as Durgapur Charitable Trust. Present situation and Objectives: At present the Trustee possesses two buildings of its own own - the one storied Durga- san and the three storied medical centre (each floor measuring 1,200 sq.ft. of area) under construction ( 70% of which is already complete). The medical centre aims to provide necessary vision services to alleviate people in the neighbouring regions from economic anxiety as a result of vision handicap.
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